Messenger Shield Duke William Messenger Messenger Tower of Rouen The Wolf and the Lion The Wolf and the Shepherd The Eagle and the Kite Latin Text Cushion Throne Sword Sentry Dais Throne Spear Garter Garter Braid Braid Braid Braid Ankle Length Tunic Braided Hem Knee Length Tunic Knee Length Tunic Woollen Stockings Woollen Stockings Cloak Square Brooch Cushion Cloak Spear Sentry Scene Eighteen The Goat and the Goatherd Sword Border Decoration Border Decoration Stockings Earl Harold The Stag at the Pool The Stag in the Ox-Stall The Farmer and the Stork Latin Text Latin Text Tower of Rouen Guy\'s Soldier Harold\'s Soldier Guy\'s Soldier Harold\'s Soldier Saddle Saddle Palfrey Palfrey Palfrey Mane Saddle Saddle Shield Saddle Saddle Short Tunic Lance Woollen Stockings Shield Short Tunic Lance Lance Lance Hawk Circular Brooch Scene 19 The Man, the Horse, the Ox and the Dog The Virgin and the Suitors Shield Border Decoration Border Decoration Count Guy Hawk Duke William The Sick Kite The Camel and Jupiter The Camel Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Hawk Palfrey Palfrey Ribbons Sword Girth Band Saddle Mule Mule Saddle Saddle Palfrey Saddle Short Cloak Trousered Tunic Square Brooch Breast band Breast Band Short Cloak Braided Hem Circular Brooch Trousered Tunic Woollen Stockings Stirrup Strap Stirrup Spur Scene Twenty Venus and the Cat The She-Goats and their Beards The Two Wallets Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration