Scene 45 Astrologer King Harold Tree Ghost Ships The Philosopher, the Ants and Mercury Latin Text Latin Text Throne Throne Throne Throne Sternpost Rudder Steersman Viking Longship Royal Palace of Westminster Dais Spear Tip English Channel Finial Finial Cupola Square Brooch Pisces The Farthing Rushlight Sword Crown Halley\'s Comet Halley\'s Comet Bird Bird The Solent Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Scene 46 Depth Sounder Ralph of Wader Steersman Anchor Plummet-Line Pennant Conderay The Swallow, the Serpent and the Court of Justice Latin Text Latin Text Viking Longship Stempost Sail Mast Hawser English Channel The Pilot and the Mariners The Stork, the Goose, and the Hawk The Shipwreck of Simonides Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Scene 47 Bonneville-sur-Touques William Fitz-Osbern Duke William Bishop Odo Tree Bonneville-sir-Touques Bonneville-sur-Touques The Swan and the Goose Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Throne Throne Tonsure Dais Dais Bonneville-sir-Touques Circular Brooch Short Tunic Short Cloak Short Cloak Short Cloak Woollen Stockings Woollen Stockings Ankle LengthTunic Long Cloak Long Cloak Long Cloak Ankle LengthTunic Long Cloak Throne Circular Brooch Circular Brooch Cupola The Lion, the Robber, and the Traveller The Ass, the Ox, and the Birds The Crane, the Crow, and the Countryman The king of England says that it is true that he did, under duress, swear to give you the kingdom of England, when be betrothed your daughter in Normandy; but he maintains that a compulsory oath is not binding; for, if a vow or an oath, which, without consulting her parents, a damsel knowingly took respecting her person, in her fatherd's house, could be recalled as of no effect, much more ought an oath, which he had made under duress, being the kingd's liegeman, and without informing him, to be of none effect. He adds, moreover, that it would have been the height of presumption in him without consulting the great council of the nation to give the inheritance of the kingdom to a stranger; and that it is unjust in you to ask him to give up a kingdom, whose government had been conferred on him by the general assent of the nobles. Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration