Abetot, Urso
Abbevile, Eustace
Abernon, Roger d'

Abode, Ruald (see Musard) .
Acland (see PurchaseUSB.htm)
Aguillon, Robert
Aigle, Engenoulf .
Aigneaux, Herbert d'
Aincourt, Gautier .
Airard, Etienne (see Erard) .
Akeny (see Dakeny and Toeni .)
Alain of Brittany .
Alan (see Flaald) .
Albeny (see Albini)
Albini, William de
Alis, William
Allen (see Saye) .
Alre, William d'
Amfreville, Robert .
Amfreville, Martin (see Tours) .

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