Burford is a medieval town on the River Windrush in the Cotswold hills, West Oxfordshire. It lies 20 miles west of Oxford and is
listed in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle of 752 as 'Beorgfeord'. The Domesday book of 1086 lists Burford as Bureford.  Lord of
Burford in 1086 was Bishop Odo of Bayeux and Tenant-in-chief in 1086 was also Bishop Odo of Bayeux.
It is said that the Bayeux Tapestry was commissioned by Bishop Odo.

Burford was granted a Charter in 1090 by Robert Fitzhamon. After the death of Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror,
lands were granted by her eldest son King William Rufus to Robert Fitzhamon.

Fitzhamon was second cousin to William the Conqueror and one of the few Anglo-Norman barons to remain loyal
to two successive kings, Rufus and Henry. Robert fitzHamon is said to be the great grandson of Richard I of Normandy.