Sword of state

Swords of different Ottoman Sultans on display at the Topkapi Palace.

A sword of state is a sword, used as part of the regalia, symbolizing the power of a monarch to use the might of the state against its enemies, and his duty to preserve thus right and peace.

It is known to be used in following monarchies:

By analogy, it can even be used in republics, as in the Senate of the state of South Carolina in the United States of America.

Sword of justice

A sword of justice is a ceremonial sword used as insignia of a monarch's supreme judicial power. In some cases this may have been an executioner's sword that was no longer used for executions, becoming instead a ceremonial one. The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom include two swords of justice: the sharply pointed Sword of Justice to the Temporal and the obliquely pointed Sword of Justice to the Spiritual, whose characteristics are said to indicate that only temporal courts have power over death