Pisces is a constellation that takes its name from the Greek god Typhon. Typhon was the son of Gaia and Tartarus. Typhon's thighs were huge coiled serpents with arms that could span the heavens, and a head that touched the stars. When it flew, its wings blotted out the sun. From its eyes shot flames and from its mouth came burning boulders. The gods of Olympus refused to fight Typhon. In order to escape Typhon, the gods disguised themselves as animals. Zeus turned himself into a ram, Dionysus a goat, and Aphrodite and Eros both disguised themselves as fish. Typhon was eventually defeated by Zeus who threw Mount Aetna at the monster, defeating it. Even today the buried monster still spews up fire and boulders once in awhile. Aphrodite and Eros, having escaped Typhon, were given their images in the heavens, represented by two fish. Pisces is depicted as two fish connected by their tails at the star alpha Piscium. Alpha's name, "Al Rischa", means "the cord".

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