The Dog, the Cock, and the Fox

A Dog and a Cock being great
friends, agreed to travel
together. At nightfall they took
shelter in a thick wood. The Cock
flying up, perched himself on the
branches of a tree, while the Dog
found a bed beneath in the hollow
trunk. When the morning dawned,
the Cock, as usual, crowed very
loudly several times. A Fox heard
the sound, and wishing to make a
breakfast on him, came and stood
under the branches, saying how
earnestly he desired to make the
acquaintance of the owner of so
magnificent a voice.
The Cock, suspecting his


civilities, said: "Sir, I wish you would do me the favor of going around to the hollow trunk below me, and waking my porter, so that he may open the door and let you in." When the Fox
approached the tree, the Dog
sprang out and caught him, and
tore him to pieces.