theirs and not thine." And the Fox began to hit earth with his mouth and head, saying, "Mouth, thou hast spoken too much! Thou shouldest have eaten the Cock had not thy words becn over many." And therefore over much talking harmeth, and too much crowing smarteth.






The Fox and the Cock

A Fox came toward a Cock and said to him, "I would fain know if thou canst as well sing as thy father did." And then the Cock shut his eyes and began to cry and sing. And the Fox took and carried him away. And the people of the town cried, "The Fox beareth away the Cock!" And then the Cock said thus to the Fox, "My lord, understandest thou not what the people saith, that thou bearest away their Cock? Tell to them that it is thine and not theirs." And as the Fox said, "It is not yours, but it is mine," the Cock escaped from the Fox's mouth and flew upon a tree. Then the Cock said to the Fox, "Thou liest; for I am

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