henceforth there shall be any such interchange of light." Accordingly, to this day, it is neither lawful for a lamp to be lighted at the fire of the Gods, nor yet a sacrifice kindled from a lamp.


A Thief Pillaging the Alter of Jupiter

A Thief lighted his lamp at the Altar of Jupiter, and then plundered it by the help of its own light. just as he was taking his departure, laden with the results of his sacrilege, the Holy Place suddenly sent forth these words; "Although these were the gifts of the wicked, and to me abominable, so much so that I care not to be spoiled of them, still, profane man, thou shalt pay the penalty with thy life, when hereafter, the day of punishment, appointed by fate, arrives. But, that our fire, by means of which piety worships the awful Gods, may not afford its light to crime, I forbid that

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