The Wolf King

The Lion King, having no heir, decided to leave his country and never return. He ordered his subjects to choose a new leader. His subjects asked for another Lion King, but as none were available, they choose a Wolf King instead. The Lion-King told them that they have chosen a shrewd one, but also a treacherous one, and warned them that if they were to have any peace they must make the Wolf swear on the bones of the saints never to touch any animal or ever again to eat any meat. Of course the Wolf swore to all this, but after King Lion left, the Wolf developed a craving for meat. Since


he did not wish to appear to have broken his oath, he thought of a clever ruse. He asked a Roebuck to tell him if his breath was bad. The honest Roebuck replied that it was so bad that he could hardly abide it. The Wolf King took this as an insult, and his advisors told him that one who insults the King must die. So the Wolf ate the Roebuck. The Wolf then asked another animal the same question. The gentle creature, who did not wish to die for telling the truth, resolved to lie and to say the Wolf's breath smelled like perfume. Again the Wolf King assembles his council. They told him that anyone who lied to a King must surely die. So the Wolf ate the animal. The wolf then

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