Andalusian Friesian Cross
Photo © Xenophon III, January 2009

The Palfrey was an all-round light saddle horse. Short in the body and long in the leg, the Palfrey was trained to pace and afforded a smoother ride at an ambling gait. A well bred Palfrey could cost as much as a warhorse and for this reason they were usually owned by persons of means. The Palfrey, although occasionally used in battle, was more regarded as a horse for riding and traveling in light of its comfort and endurance. The breeds in use at this time were the Arabian, the Welsh Cob, the Andalusian, the Irish Draft and the Spanish Jennet, with the Spanish Jennet being considered the finest and most prized of the Palfrey breeds.

The Catzurius, a 'hunter', or horse for the chase was bred and trained for hunting and was larger than the palfrey but smaller than the war-horse. This horse was not in use in England till the end of the 12th century.





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