For "Malaon, the arms of which (Argent, a lion rampant Gu. crowned Azure) are preserved by Robson, and correspond with those of the Viscounts de Mauleon of Poitou, a branch of the Carlovingian Viscounts of Thouars."—The Norman People. Savaric de Malleon was Constable of Porchester Castle in 1216, and Seneschal of Poitou and Gascony in 1222. He held Petersfield and Mapledurham (part of the Honour of Gloucester) by grant of King John. It was this Savaric who in 1216 was left by the King in charge of the city and castle of Winchester, just after Pentecost, the holy time chosen by the Bishop of Winchester, who was with the King, for excommunicating Lewis and all his favourers. Upon the departure of the King, Savaric set fire to the suburbs of Winchester. Then followed the siege of the castle, which at last by the counsel of Savaric was given up to Lewis; upon which followed the surrender of all the Hampshire castles."—Woodward's Hants. In 1229, after the death of Waleran Teutonicus, he became Warden of the Isle of Wight. "He was," says Worsley, "a Poictevin, and had been very serviceable to the King during the war with France; but afterwards, on some discontent, changing sides, became extremely troublesome."

As far as it relates to Savaric, the name would be an obvious interpolation; but it occurs in England during the previous century. William de Mallion witnesses a charter of Coeur de Lion's to Norwich in 1193.—Blomfield's Norfolk.

-- Cleveland

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