For Placetis, a baronial family that became widely spread. But their name has no title to be here, for they descended from John de Placetis or de Plessetis, a Norman by birth, who, from being a domestic servant at the court of Henry III., rose high in his master's favour, was rapidly promoted to wealth and power, and at length became Earl of Warwick through his marriage with Margery de Newburgh. She was, as we have seen, a most unwilling bride; for though, after the death of her first husband, John Mareschal, the King issued his mandate that she should be "earnestly persuaded—not to say, commanded—to marry this low-born adventurer, he seems himself to have doubted her obedience;" and on Christmas day following promised to his favourite, in case she could not be induced to comply, the fine she would have to pay for marrying without the Royal consent.

-- Cleveland

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