Roger Arundel

Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle, Sussex
Photo © jtriefen, Sep 2006

It is difficult to establish this family in Normandy, either its origin or its descent. The identity of Roger Arundel is obscure, but the generally accepted opinion is that he was a kinsman of Roger de Montgomery first earl of Arundel. He came to the conquest and settled in Salop, where the Arundels held Habberley and Ondeslawe from the baron Corbet. He held a barony of twenty-eight manors in Somerset in 1086 (Domesday) and was appointed castellan of the castle of Arundel. Roger de Busliaco held Sutton in Somerset under him at the compilation of Domesday, and his son Wido Arundel possessed Pourton, Dorset, from him at this time. From this family descended the earls and baronets Onslow, the lords Arundel of Wardour and the great western families of Lanherne and Trerice. --(Falaise Roll)

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