St Mary's Church, Beddington
Photo © Matt Brown 20 April 2011

Azor, King Edward's steward and one of Harold's men in Sussex held lands valued at £271 throughout Wessex. In Sussex his lands were valued at £32 and a further £18 in other counties. He held 86 hides of land in all, 27 1/2 hides of Earl Harold, 20 hides of Earl Godwine and the remainder as the king's steward. 8 hides of Azor's estate were held for him by the theyn Brihtmaer.

Azor owned Beddington before 1066 and founded the church there. The settlement appears in the Domesday Book as Beddinton(e) held partly by Robert de Watevile from Richard de Tonebrige and by Miles Crispin.Two Roman coffins have been found on the southern edge of the churchyard and the site was regarded as a sacred burial ground before the foundation of the church. After 1066 the manor passed to Robert de Watteville, a tenant of Richard of Tonbridge.

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