From Mollei-Bacon, arrondissement of Bayeux. Bacon or Bacco occurs in Maine in the 1lth century, but this family was Norman. Anchetil Bacon made grants at his lordship of Molay to St-Barbe-en-Auge before the conquest. In 1082 William Bacon, lord of Molay, made donations to Holy Trinity at Caen, wherein his sister had taken the veil, and is conceded to have been the "del Viez Molei" mentioned by Wace (l. 13654) as present at Senlac. The English family of Bacon, which includes the great lord chancellor and the premier baronets of England, claimed descent from Grimbold, a cousin of William de Warren, whose great-grandson, according to genealogists, assumed the name of Bacon in Normandy. It would be logical, however, that the lords of Molai, who came over at the conquest; were the progenitors of the English family of Bacon. Richard Bacon, nephew of Ranulph, earl of Chester, founded the priory of Roncester in the county of Stafford. Roger Bacon, mentioned 1154 as of Vieux Molay, held estates in Wiltshire. In 1165 Robert, William and Alexander Bacon held in Essex of the barony of Montfichet.

--(Falaise Roll)

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