From Bonnesbosq, arrondissement of Pont l'Eveque. The "sire de Bonnesboz" of Wace (l. 13667) has not been satisfactorily identified, for which reason it is possible that he may have fallen in the battle of Hastings. Ralph de Bonnesbosq was a benefactor of St-Stephen at Caen, and under Henry I Gilbert de Bonnesbosq, son-in-law of Morin du Pin, was dapifer of the earl of Mortain. William de Bonnebosq and his son Robert appear in a charter of the abbey of jumieges in 1138 and Robert de Bonnebosq, possibly the latter, occurs in two in 1171-8 to this abbey. The name appears on the list of Guillaume Tailleur.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)