Eustache II, comte de Boulogne, was the son of Eustache I and Mahaut, daughter of Lambert the Bearded, count of Louvain, and succeeded his father about 1047. In 1050 he married Goda, daughter of Ethelred II, king of England, and widow of Dreu, the count of Vexin, Pontoise, Chaumont, and Amiens. He joined duke William in the conquest of England, and is expressly named by William of Poitiers and personally depicted as Eustatius on the Bayeux Tapestry. Guy, bishop of Amiens, author of Carmen de Bello, states that Harold's body was mutilated by Eustache, Walter Giffard, Hugh de Montfort and "the heir of Ponthieu." The latter was Gui, count of Ponthieu and Montreuil, who captured Harold on his visit to Normandy before the conquest and who died in 1100. Orderic Vital tells us that he was severely wounded at the duke's side, while advising him to retreat, and Benoit de Saint-More speaks of him as taking part in the battle. For his services in the engagement he received large grants of lands in various parts of England. (more details)

--(Falaise Roll).

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