Robert de Coignieres

Conyers or Norton was the elder branch of the family of Conyers, from Coignieres, ile de France. They took the name Norton from their barony of that name in Yorkshire, the chief seat of the English family, which Robert de Coignieres who came to England in 1066 held, from the see of Durham, in 1086 (Domesday). Roger, his son, was made by William the Conqueror constable of Durham castle and keeper of all the arms of the soldiers within it.

Durham Castle
Durham Castle, County Durham
Photo © diverstonefly, Sep 2006

The descendants of this family were the lords of Stockburn for more than 500 years. This powerful family spread throughout many parts of England, holding vast estates, nearly all having died out in the male line before the 17th century. The name appears on the rolls of Scriven and Duchesne. --(Falaise Roll)

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