Alricus Coquuis held lands in Buckinghamshire in 1086 (Domesday), and derived his name Le Coq, or Coquuis, from the office of Comptroller of the Conqueror, whom he followed to the conquest of England. Rodbertus Cocus held lands at Estraites in Kent from Hugh de Montfort in 1086 (Domesday), and Hugh his grandson witnessed a charter of Folkestone priory in 1137. Guillelmus Cocus witnessed a charter in favour of the abbey of Jumieges in 1077 and also two c. 1080. Another William Cocus occurs in one to the same abbey between 1177 and 1183. The family appears until the 15th century, at which period a branch settled in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, from whom descended the earls Somers.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)