The castle of Domfront, situated in the department of the Orne, was one of the strongest and most celebrated in the early history of Normandy. It belonged to the family of Talvas, who were, prior to 1048, constantly in conflict with Geoffry Martel, count of Maine, for its possession. At this period duke William, giving his support to the Belesmes, intrenched them in its custody. Prince Henry, later king of England, possessed the castle in 1094, from which fortress he operated against his brother William Rufus and held it until he became king. Warin de Domfront, eldest son of William I, lord of Domfront, Mortain and Nogent, and viscount of Chateau-dun in the right of his wife Melisende, treacherously murdered Gunheir de Bellesme about 1027, for which dastardly deed, according to a fable recorded in Jumieges, he was "strangled by a deamon in the presence of his friends." It would seem very probable that Henri de Domfront was descended from this family, who brought under his banner to the conquest of England eighty knights from the Passais-Normand in company with Archard d'Ambrieres, Mathieu de la Ferte-Mace and Raoul Taillebois.

--(Falaise Roll)

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