Eadmund Haroldson

Eadmund was either the second or third eldest son of Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex. He was perhaps between 19 and 21 when he accompanied his brothers Godwine and Magnus in raids against Exeter and Bristol in 1068. After these unsuccessful raids they returned again in 1069 at the head of a large fleet of sixty ships raiding along the south coasts of Devon and Cornwall. Putting ashore in the mouth of the river Taw, Eadmund and Godwine with their band of Irish mercenary soldiers made their way to Godwine's estates near Milverton in Somerset.

The little River Caen (left) enters the Taw estuary among
salt-marshes. Looking east up the Taw towards Barnstaple
Photo © Derek Harper, 4 August 2005.

On this occasion their attempts to regain the family fortunes met with little support and they were driven off by William Fitz Osbern and Count Brian, first earl of Cornwall and brother of Alan the Red. Most were put to the sword in this confrontation and nothing is heard off Godwine and Eadmund after this time.

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