Edgar Aetheling

The duke crossed the Thames and marched to Wallingford. Stigand the archbishop, and other English nobles, met him there, and, abandoning the cause of Edgar, came to terms with William, to whom they did homage, and being received with favour were secured in all their honours and estates.

The Londoners, also, being better advised, now transferred their allegiance to the duke, and delivered to him such and so many hostages as he required. Edgar Etheling, therefore, who had been declared king by the English, having no means of resistance, humbly surrendered his person and his kingdom to William.

This young prince was of a mild and ingenuous disposition, and being a kinsman of king Edward the Great, as his nephew's son, the duke affectionately embraced him, and treated him all his life with the regard due to a Son. -- Orderic Vitalis

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