Guillaume, Comte d'Evreux

Priory of Bradenstoke (Brecknock)

From Evreux, Normandy. Robert, comte d'Evreux, archbishop of Rouen, was the son of Richard I, duke of Normandy, who had by his wife Herleva, three sons, Richard, comte d'Evreux, Ralph d'Evreux, sire de Gace, and William d'Evreux, who married first the widow of Robert de Grentemesnil, by whom he had a daughter, who married Robert, count of Sicily. By a second marriage, according to jumieges, he had two sons, William and Roger d'Evreux, who came to England in 1066. The latter, Roger, held in Norfolk in 1086 (Domesday), and married the sister of Walter de Lacy of Hereford. Richard, comte d'Evreux, the eldest son of the archbishop and count, was the father by his wife Adele, widow of Roger de Toeni, slain in 1038, of William, comte d'Evreux, who succeeded him, and a daughter Agnes. The latter was abducted by Simon de Montfort and became his third wife, from which union sprung Amaury de Montfort, who succeeded his uncle William as count of Evreux. Count William contributed 80 ships to duke William for the invading army, and appears in Domesday as "Eberoicensis comes," holding a great barony in Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. About 1070 his castle of Evreux was taken from him by king William I, in which was placed a royal garrison. It was however returned to him in 1087 at the death of the Conqueror. He was constantly in trouble with king Henry I, by whom he was banished from Normandy several times, but always had his rank and property restored. He died without issue 18 April 1118. It is conceded by all historians on this subject, that he was at the battle of Hastings. --(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)

Roger d'Evreux

Roger d'Evreux came to England in 1066 with his brother William. They were the sons by a second marriage off William d'Evreux, the youngest brother of Richard, count d'Evreux, who was the son of Robert, count d'Evreux and archbishop of Rouen. They were the first cousins of William, count d'Evreux, who was also at Hastings. Roger married Helewysa, sister of Walter de Lacy of Hereford, who gave lands to Gloucester abbey. Her son Robert de Evrois was a benefactor to Brecknock, temp. Henry I. There were two branches in Hereford in 1165 and from one house descended the viscounts of Hereford, and the other from Walter d'Evreux of Rosmar, Normandy, who held lordships in the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Surrey, Hants, Middlesex, Hereford, Buckingham and Wilts, and the lordships of Salisbury and Ambresbery. He was a companion of the Conqueror at Hastings and the ancestor of the Devereux, lord Ferrers of Chartley and earls of Essex, of whom the second, one Robert Devereux, was so celebrated and ill-fated in the reign of queen Elizabeth. --(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)

Walter de Evereux, grandfather of William de Evereux, Earl of Salisbury, founded the Monastery of Bradenstoke where he later became a canon. In 1929 the priory was puchased by William Randolph Hearst who had most of the buildings demolished.