The family of Fougeres came of very ancient Breton stock. Alan, baron of Fougeres, Brittany, c. 900, was father of Maino, the direct progenitor of the family. Maine II was baron of Fougeres in Brittany at the time of the conquest, and could himself have been present. He was the son of Alfred I, whom he succeeded in 1048 and survived the battle of Hastings by sixteen years. By his wife, Adelaide, he had three sons, Judhael, Eudes and Raoul. The former died during his lifetime without issue, and Raoul succeeded him, c.1084. The latter held in chief in Devonshire and occurs in Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Surrey in 1086 (Domesday). He was a great benefactor to the church, having in 1112 founded the abbey of Savigny and made donations to the abbey of Risle from his vast domains in Normandy, as well as to the abbey of Marmoutiers. Raoul married Avicia, daughter of Richard de Bienfaite, from whom he had seven children. Having died in 1124, he consequently must have been eighty-eight years of age at that time. From this family descended the lords Bohun of Midhurst. A William Fougeres, who was a sub-tenant in Buckinghamshire in 1086 (Domesday), has not been identified.

--(Falaise Roll)

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