Geoffrey III 'the Bearded' Count of Anjou, r.1060-1067
Father : Geoffrey II, Count of Gastinois
Mother : Ermengard d'Anjou

Upon the death of Geoffrey II Martel (r.1040-60), having no sons of his own, Martel chose to divide his dominions between his two nephews Geoffrey III nicknamed 'le Barbu' (the Bearded) and Fulk IV le Réchin (the Rude), Count of Anjou. To Geoffrey went the counties of Anjou and Saintogne, while Fulk Rechin received Touraine and Chateau-Landon.

When Count Conan II sent word to Duke William of his intention to cross the Norman frontier, his rebellion against William was aided by Geoffrey III.

Geoffrey, described as a simplehearted young man of gentle manners, more accustomed to praying in church than to handling weapons, was soon to be seen engaged in armed conflict against his brother Fulk. On the 4th of April, 1068, Geoffrey was captured and made prisoner. Fulk then became the next Count of Anjou . Geoffrey was kept confined in a dungeon at Chinon for nearly thirty years until his eventual death in 1096.



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