Gundulph of Bec

Rochester Cathedral, Kent

Colchester Castle, Essex

Gundulph known as the 'weeping monk of Bec, was one of the distinguished engineering officers who came over with William the Conquerer. In 1077 Gundulf was made Bishop of Rochester and became the most famous of the early King's Engineers. Skilled in the art of siege warfare, he could construct and operate the huge siege engines with the ability to breach a fortress wall. He was also responsible for carrying out work on strengthening the castle of Rochester and for the building of the White Tower of the Tower of London. Gundulph was also involved with the construction of the castle at Colchester, the first royal stone castle to be built by William in England.

In 1078 Bishop Gundulph founded St. Bartholomew's hospital Rochester, one of the first hospitals in England for the poor folk and lepers.

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