Earl Harold Of Wessex

Born c.1020
Reigned Jan 1066 - Oct 1066
Died Oct 14 1066

Harold Godwinson was the second son of Godwin, Earl of Wessex. He became Earl of East Anglia in 1044, and succeeded his father as Earl of Wessex in 1053. Harold's mother, Countess Gytha, was the sister of Jarl Ulf who was married to Cnut's sister, Estrith. Harold had five brothers Tosti, Earl of Northumbria, Gyrth, Earl of East Anglia, Leofwine, Earl of East Midlands, Wulfnoth and Earl Swein. His three sisters were Edith, Queen of England by marriage to Edward the Confessor, Gunnhild and Aelfgyva.

Harold was married 'more Danico' (unrecognized by the church) to Eadgyth Swanneshals (Edith Swanneck), before his second marriage in 1065 to Ealdgyth (Alditha), the sister of Edwin and Morcar and widow of Gruffudd, king of Wales. Edith bore Harold three sons named Godwin, Edmund and Magnus and two daughters Gunhild and Gytha whilst Alditha bore him two sons Ulf and Harold.

Harold was King of England from January 1066 until his fall at the Battle of Senlac on October 14 1066.

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