William Patry de La Lande

La Lande Patry is in the arrondissement of Domfront, not far from Avranches. Duke Harold was first seen by William Patry de la Lande as he accompanied Duke William on the road to Brittany, in their fight against Count Conan. Patry was a favourite with Duke William and it is likely that he was also a witness, not only to the Knighthood and bestowing of arms on Harold, but also to the oath taken by Harold by which he bound himself to be "William's Man"

As a vassal of Duke William and as a consequence of his fief being the nearest to the frontier with Brittany, it is likely that Patry was called upon, with all the soldiers under his command, to support Duke William in his campaign against Conan. William Patry de La Lande was also a companion of Duke William at the Battle of Hastings. Riding by William's side, he swore that he would meet Harold face to face, and would deal to him the reward of his perjury.

"William Patrie de la Lande called aloud for King Harold, saying that if he could see him he would appeal him of perjury. He had seen him at La Lande, and Harold had rested there on his way through, when he was taken, to the Duke, then at Avranches, on his road to Brittany. The Duke made him a knight there, and gave him and his companions arms and garments, and sent him against the Bretons. Patrie stood armed by the Duke's side, and was much esteemed by him." --Wace

William Patry de La Lande received for his services at the Battle of Hastings, a barony of fifteen fees in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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