Robert Marmion

Tamworth Castle
Tamworth Castle, Staffordshire
Photo © Darren Cummins, Feb 2003

After the Conquest, William the Conqueror gave the Castle of Tamworth in the county of Warwick ( The town of Tamworth was historically divided between Warwickshire and Staffordshire , but since 1888 has been fully in Staffordshire), to Robert Marmion. Robert, upon recieving this gift expelled the nuns that were resident there and re-located them to Oldbury. The story follows that one night after a lavish banquet Saint Edith appeared to Robert while he slept, and struck him with the point of her crozier. She demanded of him that he return the Abbey of Poleworth to the nuns or he would have an evil death and go to hell. Robert was in much pain from being struck and remained so until he had returned the nuns property.

It was said that in the great battle, Robert behaved as a Baron should and afterwards was richly rewarded.

Robert's son Robert who held the Castle of Fontenai, in attempts to oppose the Earl of Chester, took over the priory close to the Earls castle. He fortified the priory and dug deep concealed ditches in the surrounding fields, with the intention of entrapping anyone who approached. As the Earl of Chester's forces approached Robert fell into one of his own ditches breaking his thigh. He was set upon by a soldier from the opposing side and beheaded.

The Marmion's have been assosiated with both the service of performing the office of Champion at the King's Coronation and also of Grand Almoner at the wedding of King Henry III.

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