The "sire de Montfichet" of Wace (l. 13675) came from Montfiquet in the arrondissement of Bayeux. Gilbert de Montfichet was said to be one of the most authentic personages that can be named as assisting at the battle of Hastings.

The Guernons were a branch of the barons of Montfiquet in Normandy, so named from their Scandinavian ancestors, and the castle of Montfiquet long existed, as did the church of St- Catherine in the castle, founded by the family. Robert, surnamed Guernon "mustache," baron of Montfiquet, generally conceded to have been the individual indicated by Wace as present at Senlac, about 1050, witnessed a charter of duke William. He had issue William de Montfiquet, who died without children, when the barony went to William, the son of his brother; another son, Robert de Guernon, held a great barony in Essex in 1086 (Domesday). From this family descended two branches: one, the barons Montfitche, seated at Stanstead-Mountfitchet, Essex, and Montfitchet tower, London, of which the Montfitchets were the hereditary standard-bearers in times of war the other branch retained the name of Guernon, from whom descended the celebrated family of Cavendish, the dukes of Newcastle, Devonshire, and other great families.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)