This personage was lord of Moulins-la-Marche, arrondissement, of Mortagne, and son of Walter de Falaise, who is considered to have been the brother of Arlette and therefore the uncle of the Conqueror. The duke rewarded him for his services by giving him in marriage to Alberede, daughter and heiress of Guitmund, lord of Moulins-la-Marche, whom he repudiated, after having had by her two sons, William and Robert. He then married Duda, daughter of Waleran de Meulent, by whom he had Simon and Hugh. In 1075 he was sent to the relief of jean la Fleche. As William de Falaise he witnessed a charter by William de Briose and its confirmation by the Conqueror, and under the same name held in 1086 (Domesday) the barony of Dartington, Devon, as well as twenty-nines lordships. The families thereafter of Molines and Falaise were spread in all parts of England. D'Escures or Shore was a branch of this house. Alured de Falaise was of York, temp. king William I, and was the father of Alan de Escures or Falaise, to whom the estates of Escures belonged, temp. Henry I, who was the ancestor of William de Scures of York, 1165. Henry I gave to Baldwin de Bollers the barony of Montgomery with the hand of Sybil de Falaise, his niece. He was the son of Stephen de Boularia, who, in 1096, witnessed a charter of Manassas, bishop of Cambray, and joined in the first Crusade. The barony of Boulers or Boulaia was one of the principal fiefs in Flanders.

--(Falaise roll)

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