ROGER DE MUSSEGROS. Mussegros is a canton of Fleurigny-sur-Andelle in the arrondissement of Les Andelys. The name is presumed to have been derived from Musgrave or Mewsgrave, "the keeper of the king's hawks, or the king's equerry." Roger de Mucelgros, who is said by Delisle to have been at Senlac, was a tenant-in-chief in Herefordshire in 1086 (Domesday), where he gave his name to Lude-Muchgros. He witnessed a charter of Raoul de Toeni in favour of the abbey of St-Evroult in 1080.(Orderic Vitalis). His descendants spread to many parts of England and in the 13th century the family held estates in Somerset, Dorset, Gloucester and Hereford. Charlton Musgrove in Somerset is named from it. Hence the baronets Musgrove. The name appears on the Dives roll.

- (Falaise Roll)

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