Bernard de Neufmarche

Brecon Castle
Brecon Castle - In the town of Brecon, Powys, Mid Wales
Photo © Indigo Goat, August 2006

From the castle of Neufmarche, in the canton of Gourney en Bray arrondissement of Neufchatel, Normandy. Turquetil de Neufmarche was murdered in the civil wars of Normandy, c. 1035, probably at the instigation of Raoul de Gace. The strong castle of Neufmarche was seized, c.1060, by duke William to the prejudice of its inheritor, Geoffrey de Neufmarche. Bernard de Neufmarche was a companion in arms of the Conqueror whom he accompanied to the battle of Hastings and c.1088 subdued the territory of Brecknock in Wales. In the same year he granted lands in Brecknock to sir Reginald Aubrey. Bernard "continued in the career of arms till an advanced age and served in the wars under three kings of England with great bravery." --(Falaise Roll).

Trecastle, an early 12th century motte-and-bailey fortification, built by Bernard de Neufmarche was designed to protect Brecon from attack. Brecon castle, also built by Bernard de Neufmarche, became the administrative centre and military headquarters of the Lordship of Brecon.

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