The "sire des Pins" of Wace (l. 13567) from Pin-au-Haras, arrondissement of Argentan, recorded at Senlac, has not been identified, but the family was seated in England from the time of the conquest. Fouque des Pin is named in a charter to St-Pierre-sur-Dives as a contemporary of the Conqueror and Gilbert du Pin commanded the troops for duke Robert Courtehouse in an attack on the castle of Brionne in 1090, which surrendered, but Gilbert was killed. Odard du Pin was captured in the battle of Bourgteroude in 1124 by forces of king Henry I, by whose order his eyes were put out. Morin du Pin, steward and castellan of Walern II., count of Meulent, who had been the governor and tutor of the young count by the king's appointment, held his castle of Beaumont after the count's capture in that battle by the king. On the order of the count he reluctantly surrendered the castle, which still held out against the king, for which Morin was banished from Normandy for life and died in exile. He was probably the same who witnessed a charter granting Guernaniville to the abbaye of St-Evroult C. 1080.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)