Tedricus Pointel appears in 1086 (Domesday) as a tenant in capite in Essex and is said by Delisle to have been at the conquest of England. William Pointel, probably his grandson, is twice mentioned as one of the judiciaries of Amaury de Montfort, comte d'Evreux, in judicial proceedings at Gaillon. In 1118, when count Amaury was in arms against king Henry I, William Pointel put him in possession of the citadel of Evreux and the following year, he, with others, defended the citadel against the king. He was the nephew of Ralph de Vitot (near Neubourg), who must have been a grandson of Robert de Vitot, one of the assassins of Gilbert, count of Brionne.

--(This name appears on the Falaise Roll)