Hugue de Port derived his name from Port, a commune in the Bessin, near Bayeux, whom Wace (l. 13613) records as "cil de Port." He may have referred to either Hugue or Hubert, for both are conceded to have been at Senlac by Le Prevost Planche and Taylor. In 1086, Hugh held seventy manors in capite, chiefly in Hampshire, of which Basing was his seat, and twelve others under bishop Odo, whom he probably followed to the conquest of England. The priest Anschil de Presbyter held under him. Hugh made donations to the monks of Gloucester in 1096, and becoming a monk, died at Winchester, leaving a son and heir Henry, who founded the priory of Shirebourn near Basing. Adam de Port, a grandson of Henry, married Mabel de Aurevalle, daughter and heir of Muriel de St-John, whose son assumed the name of St-John, from whom descended the marquesses of Winchester, dukes of Bolton, viscounts Grandison, earls of Jersey and earls and viscounts of Bolingbroke, Hubert de Port, as well as Gilbert de Port, appear in a number of charters between 1080 and 1082. Gilbert is also reported as having been at Hastings.

--(Falaise Roll).

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