Rebercil, now Rubercy, is in the arrondissement of Bayeux. The lords of Rebercil belonged to the family of Wac. Geoffry Wac witnessed a charter to Bernay of duke Robert the Magnificent in 1027, at which time he held Rebercil. He was probably the father of the "sire de Rebercil," whom Wace (l. 13777) mentions as one of the five knights at Hastings, who challenged Harold "to come forth." In 1168 Hugh Wac (Wake), lord of Rebercil, made grants to the abbey of Longues. He had married Emma, daughter of Baldwin Fitz Gilbert, or de Gand, founder of the abbey of Bourne in Lincolnshire as well as Deeping priory, and Adelaide de Rullos. Hugh's son Baldwin appears in the Monasticon and in a charter of Longues. Another son Geoffry de Ribercy, or de Clifton, was the ancestor of the house of Clifton. Wac was one of the most important Anglo-Norman families, hence the baronets and lords Wake, also the archbishop of this name.

--(Falaise Roll).

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