The family came from the seigniory of Rosel in the Cotentin, Normandy. They were a branch of the baronial house of Bertram, barons of Briquebec. William, surnamed Bertram, baron of Briquebec, living 1012, had Hugue who received the castle and fief of Rosel and in 1077 having reached an advanced age granted as Hugh de Rosel, with the consent of his son Hugh, lands in Normandy to St- Stephen at Caen, which he had received from the Conqueror. Hugh de Roussel II followed the duke to Senlac and is mentioned in a charter in the time of Stephen, as the father of Robert Russel. He held possessions in Dorset in 1086 (Domesday), by the serjeantry of being marshal of the butlery of England, a feudal dignity, which conferred rank and was hereditary. The family occurs in Normandy, 1180-95; also the fief of Russel.

--(Falaise Roll)

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