Neel de Saint Sauveur

The Barons of the Cotentin, of which province neel was the Vicount, that he was at the head of a company and that he "exited himself greatly to gain the love and favour of his feudal lord, vigourously assaulting the English, overthrowing many by the poitrail of his horse , and speeding sword in hand , to the rescue of many barons ", seems evidence enough that Neel de saint Sauveur was present at the Battle of Senlac.
Neel took up arms against Duke William in the Battle of Val-es-Dunes for which he was banished from the kingdom in 1047. He was later pardoned and restored to his estates prior to the invasion of 1066. Neel's former rebellion was forgiven by Duke William no dobt to gain the assistance of proven and competant commanders in his forthcoming invasion.
Neel's son, the last Neel de Saint Sauveur died in the Battle of Cardiff in 1092 whilst fighting against the Welsh in the company of Roger, Earl of shrewsbury and Arnold de Harcourt.

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