Picot de Say

Stokesay Castle, Shropshire
Stokesay Castle, Shropshire
Photo © Michael Eccles, Sep. 2006

Wace (l. 13706) chronicles "cil de Saie." This Norman family emanated from Say, west of Exmes in the Norman viscountcy of Roger de Montgomery, and was a branch of the Avenel family descended from Picot de Say, living in 1030, whose son, Robert Fitz Picot, lord of Aunay, was co-founder of Saint-Martin of Seez in 1060. He had three sons all of whom came to England at the conquest, namely:

1, Picot (de Say), baron of Clun and Stoke-Say, Salop, who received twenty-nine manors, and was in 1083 one of the principal men summoned by Roger de Montgomery to witness the foundation charter of his abbey of Shrewsbury. His male line ended with his grandson Helias, whose daughter and heiress Isabel, married William Fitz Allen, through whose descendants it passed to the dukes of Norfolk, who still possess it;

2, Robert Fitz Picot, an officer and follower of Roger de Montgomery, who became baron of Brunne, Cambridge (Domesday), from whom descended the lords Seaton, earls of Wintoun and Dunfermline, viscounts Kingston, marquesses of Huntley, and dukes of Gordon;

3, William de Say, who gave his name to Hamme-Say, now Hamsey, in the county of Sussex. He married Agnes, daughter of Hugh de Grentmesnil, whose grandson William married Beatrice, a sister of Geoffry de Mandeville, earl of Essex, from whom descended the lords of Say and the dukes of Newcastle. --(Falaise Roll)

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