Le sire de Tourneville

From Turnaville near Evreux, Normandy. Radulphus de Tournavilla is inscribed in Domesday as a sub-tenant in Norfolk. At the time of the conquest this parish had a particular seignior and in fact the title and patronage of Tourneville were joined with the parish of Evreux in the 11th century by le sire de Tourneville, who accompanied the duke Robert to the Holy Land. Roger de Turville held Weston-Turville in Buckingham of bishop Odo (Domesday); another manor in this county is called Turville after him.

Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire
Photo © Peter Jemmett, Sep 2006

William de Tourville in the opinion of Burke accompanied duke William to the conquest, soon after which the Tourvilles became large landowners in the counties of Warwick and Leicester. Geoffry de Turville in 1124 had grants from the earl of Leicester and Meulent in England, but having rebelled against king Henry I, was captured and had his eyes put out. --(Falaise Roll)

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