From Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Normandy. Gilbert, advocate of Saint-Valery, married Papia, daughter of Richard II, duke of Normandy, by whom he had two sons, Bernard and Richard. Bernard is positively stated as having been the "sire de Saint Galeri" whose presence at Hastings is mentioned by Wace (l. 13827). This conclusion is supported by the fact that Walter de Saint-Valery, his son, held extensive estates in 1086 (Domesday), among which was the manor of Isleworth, Middlesex. Since Bernard does not appear in Domesday, it is assumed that he died before the compilation of that survey. Orderic Vital has recorded considerable information concerning this family because they were great benefactors to the abbey of Saint-Evroult, where he spent his life and Guillaume Tailleur records him on his roll. Ranulph de Saint-Valery, reported to have accompanied jean d'Ivri and Robert d'Ouilli to the conquest, was the father or brother of Guy de Saint-Walery (Valery), who received in 1110 by gift of Henry I the barony of Waleries (Saint-Valery) with Ambrosden, Beckley and other places which had reverted to the crown on the death of Geoffry of Ivry, son of the above mentioned jean.

--(Falaise roll)

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