William de Vieuxpont (also spelled Vipont, Vieungpont, Vieupoint)

Brough Castle, Cumbria
Brough Castle, Cumbria
Photo © David Medcalf, May 2005

William de Vieuxpont with the aid of Hugh de Montfort, saved the life of William Mallet in the great battle.

Mallet threw himself boldly into the fray, and with his glittering sword created great alarm among the English. But they pierced his shield and killed his horse under him, and he would have been slain himself, had not the Sire de Montfort, and Dam Williame de Vieux-pont, come up with their strong force and bravely rescued him, though with the loss of many of their people, and mounted him on a fresh horse.

As no more is heard of William de Vieuxpont after his heroic rescue of Mallet it is likely that he did not survive the great battle. His brother Robert was killed in 1085 at the Seige of St. Suzanne. In later generations a Robert de Vieuxpont was granted the castles of Appleby and Brough during the reign of King John and was given the custody of Prince Arthur who had been taken prisoner in the Battle of Miravelt.

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