This scene shows Harold with his retainers en route to Bosham. The men accompanying Harold are; Master Adelard, Harold's personal physician. Azor, King Edward's steward. Brihtric Meaw, the son of Algar lord of Gloucester. Osbern FitzOsbern, Bishop of Exeter and Aethelnoth Cild, port-reeve of Canterbury. Wulfstan Bishop of Worcester as well as Harold's brothers Godwine, Magnus, Gyrth and Eadmund were also part of Harold's entourage. Their journey from London to Bosham, approximately 65 miles, would have taken them along the old Roman road of Stane Street. London Bridge to Ewell - Ewell to South Holmwood - South Holmwood to Pulborough - Pulborough to Chichester, Chichester to Bosham.

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