Harold is shown with a hawk on his left arm and a pack of hunting dogs leading the way. The hawk and hounds symbolize that they come in peace. Of note in this scene are the hawk and the moustaches. The hawk was a symbol of nobility and only the English wore moustache. A tree is used to separate the next scene. Trees and building act as scene dividers throughout the mosaic but occasionally a change of direction is employed to signify a change of scene. Harold and another of his party are seen entering the Holy Trinity Church at Bosham (pronounced Bozz’m). In 1875 two Saxon coffins were discovered under the church floor. The corpse in the first coffin is believed to be that of King Canute’s 8-year-old daughter who drowned in the nearby mill-stream. The second coffin may contain the remains of Harold’s father Earl Godwin or even Harold himself. The man with Harold is Bishop Wulstan. He became Bishop of Worcester in 1062 and was Harold’s own personal confessor.

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