The defeated Norwegian army take stock of their losses and with few men remaining, journey to their awaiting vessels at Riccall. Between 500 and 1000 men returned to Norway. Among those returning were Hardrada’s 20 year old son Olaf, the earls of Orkney Paul and Erland Thorfinnson, and Tostig’s sons Skuli and Ketil Krok who both became eminent men, leaving a flourishing posterity. A third son Olave, mentioned by Symeon of Durham, may also have returned. Hardrada’s wife Elizabeth and daughter Ingigerd also returned to Norway, but Maria “died a sudden death the very day and hour her father, King Harald, fell.”- Heimskringla. Another to survive the battle was Copsi, earl Tostig’s deputy. He was made Earl of Northumbria in 1067. Both top and bottom borders are now littered with the dead. Hurried burials and recovery of the wounded now take place.