The next four scenes are possibly in reverse order. At the start of this scene, we see Guy holding an axe accompanied by one of his men [1]. He is meeting with two messengers [1][2] sent by Duke William, requesting the release of Harold. A small bearded dwarf named Turold is holding the messenger’s horses at the end of this scene . According to Agnes Strickland, in her book ‘Queens of England’, she suggests the Tapestry was in part at least designed for Matilda by Turold, a dwarf artist. Miss Strickland speaks of a Norman tradition to that effect. The dwarf, possibly the Constable of Bayeux, is standing to the left of Guy’s residence. It has been suggested (Lejeune 1966; Henri Prentout 1921) that Turold, depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry can be identified as Turold, Abbot of Peterborough. The lower border depicts the fable of ‘The Farmer and the Cranes’.