A milestone is reached in the journey as they near the town of Water Newton. A Roman bridge was built in the 1st Century AD over the river Nene at Wansford, near Water Newton. The total length of the journey to be covered from London to York was 206 miles. The route taken by Harold’s army was along the old Roman road of Ermine Street. The distances in miles, and towns along the way, are as follows: 14 to Waltham. 9 to Ware. 7 to Braughing. 11 to Royston. 5 to Winpole. 15 to Godmanchester. 19 to Water Newton. 10 to Great Casterton. 23 to Ancaster. 18 to Lincoln. 14 to Littleborough. 13 to Bawtry. 8 to Doncaster. 17 to Castleford. 13 to Tadcaster and 10 to York.