The longships arrive at the village of Riccall. It is here that Hardrada set up his base camp. The walk to York from this point is about 9 miles. The 30 mile journey up the Ouse, from Faxfleet to Riccall might have been completed in as little as three hours due to the fast moving tidal current of the river. At Riccall, an ‘oxbow lake’ occurs, providing a safe landing area of over 1.5 miles for the 300 longships. Edwin and Morcar had a fleet of ships on the river Ouse at this time. They had retreated up the river Wharfe perhaps with the intention of attacking from the rear once Hardrada’s armada had passed. As Hardrada moored below the Wharfe at Riccall, Edwin’s forces were forced up river to Ulleskelf.